Adam L. Bond

After buying my first Mosin in 2009, I was fascinated by its simplicity, ruggedness, and steadfast accuracy. And INLOVE with the cartridge. But I still wanted to push heavier bullets further, more accurately. After studying many other cartridges on the market, I designed with the 7.62x54r Bond Improved. But not first without the help of my great and knowledgeable friends Mark Pitt, Joe Roach, and the machining expertise of his brother Austin Bond, who helped machine the first prototype you see in the Gallery section.

Rick Rife

Rick Rife was a captain in our military and has gathered much experience from his time serving our country. He also has alot experience working on his many rifles, and has a wide number of Mosin wildcats. Including two 500 S&W magnums that he and Jerry collaborated to build. Rick also has 2 54r Improved rifles (in .308 and .311) and is currently helping with testing and load development.

Jerry Lambertson

Jerry Lambertson is one of the greatest pioneers of Mosin Nagant modding. He has an unparalleled amount of experience converting UK 59 barrels for the Mosin. He is famous for his outstanding bull barrels in 500 S&W Magnum and 308x54r. He has also built a 54r Improved in .308 and is currently helping with testing and load development.

Grimstod Desh

Grimstod is an avid precision shooter and reloader. He regularly posts helpful and knowledgable firearm videos on Youtube. Among his many innovative projects, he is continually deigning a bench rest quality receiver that will borrow from many other weapons systems. He is also pioneering the concept for the 7.62x72r Mad Russian. A very exciting new wildcat. Grim has built a beautiful Mosin Nagant chambered in 54r Improved (.308). He is also helping with testing and load development. 


What is a 'Wildcat'?

Basically, a Wildcat (in the firearms world), is a cartridge case or caliber or combination of both, that is not commercially available. There are many cartridges we shoot today, that were once reclusive Wildcats. Such as the 22-250, .300 Blackout, and 6.8SPC to name a few.

What does 'Improved' mean?

"Improved" is simply there for lack of a better term. "Improved", is the moniker mostly attributed to P.O. Ackley for the cartridges he modified. In one sense, 'improved' really isnt a fair term. As the new cartridge has a completely different load density, creating a completely different set of ballistics. It is no longer comparable to its original counterpart.
In this particular case, this cartridge will still fit the factory bolt face, and factory caliber. Only approx the middle 80% of the case has been modified (changed shoulder angle, expanded body, increasing capacity). Perhaps one could more aptly say, "hot-rodded"? What ever the case, and term used, creating a cartridge for a specific intended purpose is not only fun, but sometimes a necessity.