General overview and explanation

Here is a video to help you understand what is involved with the 54r Bond, and a variety of helpful things about the fire forming process. In the interest of safety, below are a list of things to be aware of as a re-loader.

  • A rifle chambered in 54r Bond Improved, can NO LONGER shoot steel cased ammo. The steel cases will crack at the neck and shoulder, and fail to stretch like properly annealed brass. Risking damage to your firearm and/or yourself.
  • This cartridge is not a SAAMI cartridge. There is no load data commercially available.
  • There is no loaded ammo commercially available.
  • Build a rifle chambered in 54r Bond at your own risk.

The reamer arrives.

The reamer arrives. The project begins.

Highly recommended material

For a more indepth understanding of cartridge modification and design, this book by Ken Howell is highly recommended.