This powder may have a bad reputation..... depending on who you ask. 
So I asked the interwebs. After MUCH studying, I went a head and determined my loads. 
From what ive read, this powder was designed to yield little or no muzzle flash (for combat purposes). 
Apprently this might contribute to its odd temperament. o.0

Control Round: Factory PPU loaded 150gr Ammunition.
1. 2966fps.

Loaded 54r Improved (.311)
IMR7383, 182gr PPU Match Bullets, 
(fps = avg of 3 shots)

1. 46gr,  2351fps
2. 47gr. 2360fps
3. 48gr. 2427fps
4. 49gr. 2472fps
5. 50gr. 2511fps
6. 51gr. 2547fps

This powder was VERY consistent. The standard deviation of 6 rounds loaded with 51gr was 21.1. 
While this powder is too slow, and too large in size, to get the typically desired 2900-3000fps from this case,
I believe if one wanted to utilize a lighter bullet (perhaps 150gr), this could be a VERY accurate and dependable load.