Well, by this point ive made and added a bull barrel to the equation. So now using a crisp clean .311 bore 23.7" long.
Was able to get to the range real quick after work. It wasnt as productive as I wanted. It took me forever to get setup, because it was so muddy everywhere. So the shadows eventually got to long and the Chrony started going whacko!


Control rounds: PPU 150gr SP factory loaded ammo, 1. 2900fps 2. 2863fps

54r Improved (.311)
W760, 182gr PPU Match bullets, mag primers:
1. 53gr 2
2. 54gr 2604
3. 55gr 2681
4. 55.5gr 2804
. 56gr 2816

54r Improved (.311)
N540, 182gr PPU Match Bullets, mag primers:
1. 46gr 2509fps
2. 47gr 2524
3. 51gr 2705
4. 51gr 2826 So, looks like i'll keep going up on my loads.

The sun started to go down, so I had to discard some of my N540 chrono readings.