H4831sc and IMR4451 powder tests

H4831sc PPU brass, Win Mag Primers, 174gr SMK (.311)
9-22-17, 90F


58gr = 2608 fps

59gr = 2660 fps

61gr = 2753 fps (no over-pressure signs)

62gr = coming soon

IMR4451 Enduron, PPU brass, Win Mag Primers, 174gr SMK (.311)
9-22-17, 90F

55gr = 2700 fps

56gr = 2761 fps

57gr = 2808 fps

58gr = 2852 fps**

59gr = 2899 fps**

60gr = 2960 fps

61gr = 3010 fps (no over pressure signs)

**Possibly the accurate load for this powder
All 23.7" barrel


N-550 and Reloader 19 powder tests

9-22-2017, 90F
N550, Lapua Brass, Win Mag Primers, 174gr SMK (.311)
9-22-17, 90F

54gr = 2766 fps
55gr = 2927 fps
56gr = 2963 fps
57gr = 3013 fps (no over-pressure signs)

Reloader 19 (RL19), PPU brass, Win Mag Primers, 174gr SMK (.311)
9-22-2017, 90F

57gr = 2663 fps58gr = 2701 fps
59gr = 2721 fps (no over-pressure signs)
60gr = coming soon....

 All 23.7" barrel
Firing pin has now been bushed, on all future loads.


W760 testing (.308 Barrel)

Grimstod has shot some nice groups, in his even nicer looking rifle. (chambered in 54r Bond Improved .308)

Heres some of his loads. 

 W760 Berger 190gr VLD, CCI 200 primers, 28" barrel.

54gr 2730fps  A very accurate load (see right target/100yd).

55.2gr = 2820fps (see 300yd target)

55.5gr = 2830fps


More N-540 testing Temp @37F 12/30/2015

N540, 174gr Sierra Matchking, PPU Brass, WInMag Primer
12-30-2015 Temp 37degreesF

1. 53gr. 2868fps
2. 54gr. 2924
3. 55gr. 2972
4. 56gr. 3048 

23.7" barrel

N540, IMR4166 8/12/2015

I finally picked up some IMR4166 to try out. When I try a new powder, you'll notice the velocities are always low. 
Thats so theres no surprises. 

IMR4166, 174gr Sierra Matchking
1. 47gr. 2628fps
2. 48gr. 2695
3. 49gr. 2752 (no over pressure signs)
More coming soon....

Vit N-540, 174gr Sierra Matchking
1. 53gr. 2950fps
2. 53.5gr 2964
3. 55.5gr 3073 (4shot avg)

23.7" barrel

N-540 182gr PPU Match Bullets 5/8/2015

I believe I have found max for this combination in my rifle, considering the 5 times this brass has been loaded fairly hot.  
Notice the INSANE primer pucker on the middle case. That is why im using Mag primers. To take advantage of the 
extra thick cup material. (Yup, i know... I need to bush my firing pin)

Vit N-540, 182gr. PPU Bullets, Mag Primers

1. 52gr. 2714fps
2. 53gr. 2836
3. 54gr. 2838
4. 55gr. 2907
5. 56gr. 2916
6. 57gr. 2941 (primer came loose and fell out of spent case)


23.7" barrel

182gr PPU bullets, IMR 7383 5/1/2015

This powder may have a bad reputation..... depending on who you ask. 
So I asked the interwebs. After MUCH studying, I went a head and determined my loads. 
From what ive read, this powder was designed to yield little or no muzzle flash (for combat purposes). 
Apprently this might contribute to its odd temperament. o.0

Control Round: Factory PPU loaded 150gr Ammunition.
1. 2966fps.

Loaded 54r Improved (.311)
IMR7383, 182gr PPU Match Bullets, 
(fps = avg of 3 shots)

1. 46gr,  2351fps
2. 47gr. 2360fps
3. 48gr. 2427fps
4. 49gr. 2472fps
5. 50gr. 2511fps
6. 51gr. 2547fps

This powder was VERY consistent. The standard deviation of 6 rounds loaded with 51gr was 21.1. 
While this powder is too slow, and too large in size, to get the typically desired 2900-3000fps from this case,
I believe if one wanted to utilize a lighter bullet (perhaps 150gr), this could be a VERY accurate and dependable load. 

Range day 4 4/29/2015

Well, by this point ive made and added a bull barrel to the equation. So now using a crisp clean .311 bore 23.7" long.
Was able to get to the range real quick after work. It wasnt as productive as I wanted. It took me forever to get setup, because it was so muddy everywhere. So the shadows eventually got to long and the Chrony started going whacko!


Control rounds: PPU 150gr SP factory loaded ammo, 1. 2900fps 2. 2863fps

54r Improved (.311)
W760, 182gr PPU Match bullets, mag primers:
1. 53gr 2
2. 54gr 2604
3. 55gr 2681
4. 55.5gr 2804
. 56gr 2816

54r Improved (.311)
N540, 182gr PPU Match Bullets, mag primers:
1. 46gr 2509fps
2. 47gr 2524
3. 51gr 2705
4. 51gr 2826 So, looks like i'll keep going up on my loads.

The sun started to go down, so I had to discard some of my N540 chrono readings.

One of my first tests, Using an old shot out .314 91/30

When I started this whole ordeal, I rechambered a stock 91/30 with the 54r Improved.
And ofcourse, not knowing how this was going to play out, I was hesitant to use a good barrel. So I used my worst one. 
In hind sight (duh), the loose bore made for some low peformers. But I got some brass formed properly atleast. 

54r Improved preliminary load data/range results 9/2013

.311 174gr Sierra Matchking/std primers/no crimp
51grn =2324fps
52grn =2322
53grn =2427
53grn =2413
54grn =2521
54grn =2581
54grn =2600
55grn =2645
55grn =2644
56grn =2712
56grn =2717 
56gr = 2704
Using a shot out .314bore 91/30


Accurate Arms 4350
Using shot out .314bore  91/30